Stephen Carlson

Visual Interactive Designer

I'm a New Media Designer from RIT, born and raised in Rochester, NY. I enjoy designing apps and websites, and I have a casual interest in motion graphics, creative programming, and front-end web development (just don't make me touch your backend). I'm looking to work collaboratively with a cross-disciplinary team of industry professionals on cutting-edge, meaningful projects.
  • Humans vs. Zombies App

    An Android app made to augment and enhance the apocalyptic game of tag played on RIT's campus. The app provides enough info to create new gameplay without ruining the spirit of the game.

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  • Giving to CIAS

    A donations website designed to deliver alumni the latest news and information about the people, organizations, and scholarships that helped them while they were a student at RIT.

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  • Mobile Guideline Exploration

    A mobile app design created to explore the then current mobile design guidelines for each of the three major mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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  • Nickelodeon TCG

    A Nickelodeon-themed trading card game created for web and tablet that aims to promote new properties by leveraging the popularity of established ones.

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  • 3D Work

    A collection of various 3D works involving modeling, texturing, and lighting. (It's mostly a wizard cat )

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