About Me

Hey there!

I'm a New Media Design student at Rochester Institute of Technology graduating in May 2015. I'm a visual interactive designer with a passion for fun, forward-thinking web and app design. I also have an interest in front-end web development and creative coding.

When I'm not designing, I'm more than likely watching something on YouTube (Let's Plays, recipes and baking tutorials, cute dog videos, or just about anything PBS Digital Studios puts out), playing around in Processing or with HTML/CSS, or hangout out with friends getting coffee and playing games together.

To learn more about what I do check out my work, my resume, and my LinkedIn. If you're interesting in things that inspire me look at my Pinterest. If you want to see some of the latest things I'm working on take a look at my GitHub, and my senior team project's blog that'll be updated every so often with the latest on our progress.