Humans vs Zombies Companion Android App

How do you provide a player with new tactical information without ruining the fun by removing the element of surprise?

This project was created as a companion app for RIT's game of Humans vs Zombies played every semester. Designed to provide the player with information that can be used to create new strategies and counter-strategies, but balanced to not give too much information. For this project, we were given the goal of creating any kind of interactive work that "displayed information in multiple forms." Initially inspired by Google's recently announced Material Design Guidelines, I set to work.


 12 Weeks 


 Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

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 Research Points

Many current HvZ apps are limited in functionality and had no visual design applied.

Many popular online games have player-facing information and databases, such as Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty's player activity heatmaps, or Blizzard's player profiles.


A New Player

Male. 19. Someone new to the game and RIT in general.

The app provides enough information up front so that even new players feel informed and confident in their gameplay.

A Game Admin

Male. 21. A seasoned veteran of the game who has played before and is now running it.

The app gives them a heads up of progress and can help them track patterns in gameplay to spot any problem could arise.

 Orientation Strategy

The data screens show the most current information in portrait mode, but allow the user to scrub through past data in landscape mode and see how it changed over time.


Design Directions and Style Progression

Final Comps