3D Work

A collection of various works, projects, and experiments.

Jazzy Cat RPG Renders

Jazzy Cat is a long running character of mine and I wanted to bring him from his 2D Flash animaiton roots into the third dimension. This project was originally planned as a full 3D animation of a battle scene from a ficticious game, but for now has been scoped back to just a few rendered frames.

Progress Work

Janky physics blooper

Final Frames

Swing around pre-battle animation

3D Apartment Scene

Creation of a scene. Inspired by the architecture and world of Mirror's Edge. Orignally I had intended the scene to be more 1984/Orwellian, but found that to be too heavy handed. I repurposed the room into a trendy, minimal loft space.

Progress Work
Final Render

3D Moka Pot Advertisement

Modeling and texturing of an object. Created as a print advert for the coffee maker. I had fun playing with Cinema's cloning and dynamics with the coffee beans.